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Step 1
Step 2
Paste the code in url bar of next window
How to login with google - tutorial
Instructions to sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Google requires two steps.
  • Step.1 - Press Sign in with Google (Request code) to request the sign in code from google.
  • A new window, navigating to sign in page of google, will open.
  • Continue sign in using one of your google accounts.
  • Check all permissions to allow you to sign in with your google account and continue.
  • Step.2 - When you have successfully logged in and allow all the permissions correctly, you will get into a black page saying ...
  • Copy the url address in the url bar of the new window and come back to this login page.
  • Enter the code (url address) you copied from new window into the textbox.
  • Click Sign In. Now you will successfully sign into website.